Exhibitions and events

Rademaker is present at many exhibitions and events.

Below you can see on which exhibition(s) and event(s) you can find us.


IBIE 2019 - Las Vegas

Rademaker will be present at the IBIE 2019. This will be held at the Las Vegas convention center. From 8 till 11 september.

You can find us on booth 5861. See you there!

Website: www.ibie2019.com

Südback 2019 - Stuttgart

Rademaker is proud to announce that they will be present at Südback 2019. The Südback will be held from 21 till 24 september at the Messe Stuttgart.

You can find us on booth 5C42. See you there!

Website: www.messe-stuttgart.de


Introduction of Radini

Rademaker is well known for high end & high-volume industrial bakery production equipment. However, there are various evolutions requiring more flexible production environment at an entry level mid-sized production capacity. Radini is the answer to these requests.

Radini Charesteristics:

-       Equipment for mid-sized capacity production

-       Modular line configurations

-       Smart and automatic process control

-       Intuitive control interface through PC capabilities

-       Based on proven Rademaker technologies

In short, Radini is the modular bakery system for bakeries that enter the industrial market: The point where artisanal and industrial production meet. 

Radini will be introduced at the IBIE and Südback!

See more? Radini website: www.radini.rademaker.com