Upgrades, refurbishing & optimising

System upgrade service ensures that your equipment not only operates perfect today, but that it continues to do so in the future. With system upgrades, obsolete ‘end-of-life’ components get replaced by components compliant to the latest technologies. These upgrades will prevent breakdown periods, preserve the maximum performance and reliability and extent the economical and technical lifetime of the equipment. Rademaker guides you through the start-up phase and will test with your products to ensure that the equipment meets your requirements as you are used to.

Upgrades, refurbishing & optimising for:

- Optimal operation of your equipment

- Complete revisions of equipments or units to get them back to a new condition

- System upgrades for preserving maximum performance and reliability, prevention of possible unforeseen breakdown periods and extension of economical and technical life

- Start-up guidance and testing to ensure the equipment meets your requirements