Partners in bakery technology

The development process starts in the Rademaker Technology Centre. Our Technology Centre features several pilot lines for any bakery product, whether bread, puff pastries, croissants, pizzas and flatbread or specials such as glutenfree or reduced salt products. Our technologists develop the best products our customers demand. These products are translated into a Rademaker production line that will yield maximal results in terms of product quality and return on investment, with a focus on ingredient and waste reduction.

- Rademaker is your partner for new product development and consultancy 

- Highly skilled and experienced test bakers and food technologists are at your service 

- Temperature controlled testing rooms with latest generation equipment

We invite you to visit the Technology Centre. Here you can see the Rademaker solutions work for your specific food products. Together we find the best process solution for your product or production process. Besides these demonstrations, your staff members can be trained here to work with the equipment by highly skilled and qualified trainers.