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Are you interested in scaling your production capacity? Perhaps in combination with expanding your product range? Or are you looking for a flexible production line for small dough batches? Read more!

  • Be prepared for future growth

    Start with the level of automation that fits your bakery and expand when the time is right. Units can be added over time due to the modular design. Flexible line configurations guarantee optimum use of the footprint of your bakery.

  • Create designer products: combine automated production with the craftmanship and creativity of your master bakers!

    Fully automated production is possible. However, automated processes can also be combined with manual process steps. Examples of manual process steps are fat application, offline resting- and cooling, adding a filling, as well as (additional) shaping and decorating. Physically demanding, labour-intensive tasks can be taken over and challenges such as labour shortages can be addressed through automation. Opportunities for creativity and a wide product range are offered at the same time.

  • Easy to operate

    Radini production lines are equipped with a user-friendly machine interface, making it easy to operate the line. Your bakery’s specific recipe parameters are saved in the operating panel, after which you can simply select the product and start production. Smart controls simplify your production as well.

  • Fast and easy change overs

    Save valuable time and money with fast change overs. Process small (as well as big) dough batches and produce a variety of products. Quick change overs are possible thanks to mobile units and tools that are easy to secure on and remove from the line.

  • Uniform product quality

    Preset tool configurations and line parameters provide a continuous process which achieves a consistent and high product quality.

Where artisanal meets automation

Radini offers bakeries to exploit the potential of automation, while retaining the artisan touch. Production speed and capacity are increased while flexibility is maintained. From consistent dough sheet to fully automated production of products. With our expertise, we are excited to guide you through the transition to an automated production process.

Radini offers solutions for laminated dough, pastries, croissants, bread and buns. This includes processing, shaping and decorating products.

The development of production lines and units never stops. We continue to innovate to keep up with the ever-changing market requirements, like:

  • New product solutions/product development
  • Improved product quality/capacity
  • User friendliness
  • Flexibility
  • Cost and time savings solutions, such as changeovers and quick and easy cleaning of the units.

In short, solutions that unburden you in producing the specific products you require.


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Customer testimonials, internal processes, novalties and other insights, find out more about the world of Radini where bakery and machinery blend and complement each other.

Radini customer

Read the story of Barbarossa, a content customer from Germany. They chose an L- position laminator which is being used for the production of Danish pastry, puff pastry and yeast dough.

Rademaker Technology Centre

A bakery environment where your product is central, and the best (partially) automated production method is sought. In our Technology Centre, you work closely together with our dough technologists to achieve your optimum product.

Added value

Uniform product quality
Semi- or fully automated production
Easy to operate
Modular configuration
Fast and easy change overs