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Long Shelf Life Croissant

When it comes down to long shelf-life production lines, the first important question that arises is how long the desired shelf life should be. Shelf life of laminated bakery items can range from 7 days to 6 months. This shelf life will determine the recipe but also the procedure of dough development. The way the croissant is cooled and packed too, is of great influence on the shelf life of the product. According to the Rademaker long shelf life technology, four factors determine the quality and the product’s shelf life:


The recipe for long shelf life products is unique. Long
lasting softness is created by making use of mother dough technology combined with a rich recipe with margarine, sugar, eggs, glucose syrup and a special blend of enzymes. The enzymes blend can be used in combination with a bread improver to contribute tolerance and volume. The combination of these ingredients, in its specific mixture, will reduce the amount of free water inside of the dough (aW).

Next to this, other crucial aspects for creating shelf life:

Quality and type of fat (margarine, shortening, butter)
Whether or not calcium-propionate (cp) or other
preservative is used Quality and type of filling


Long shelf life production solution

The long shelf life technology expertise can be carefully applied in Rademaker’s production solutions. As the global leader in Laminating production lines we can assure that our production lines will enable you to achieve the taste, texture, shape, and capacity that you and your customers expect. Example of a Turn-key long shelf life croissant production line: