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Oven loading and unloading

Rademakers brand Radilinq could be your solution to and from the oven by loading and unloading automatically.

Oven Loading:

Our solution will be based on you demands even and consistent loading onto the tunnel oven belt. Radilinq is precise in movement, synchronizing each row of baking trays or pan-straps, resulting in a fully loaded belt for a consistent performance.

Oven Unloading:

Seamless transition is key, Radilinq's oven unloaders efficiently move each row of trays or straps out of the oven's path, maintaining rhythm and synchronization with the loading process. This ensures a smooth flow, allowing the oven to continue its operation seamlessly.

RadiLinQ Oven Loaders and Unloaders offer:

  • Open, robust, and easily maintainable designs.
  • Elevated design for ample floor space.
    Options for rollers or high-temperature resistant belts.
  • Chain-free systems eliminating the need for lubrication.
  • Flexibility in stationary or movable configurations.
  • Standalone units or integrated within a complete production line.

Oven loading & unloading


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