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Would you like to increase your bread production? Exploit the full potential of automation while retaining the artisan touch with Radini. 
The Radini line is suitable for handling both firm and soft fermented dough. Thanks to gentle dough handling the Radini bread line produces a consistent dough sheet of easy adaptable widths, where rework is a choice. Flexibility is provided by the modular configuration, which allows for multiple compositions and bakeries to grow with their needs. The minimum configuration consists of a Dynamic Pre Sheeter and guillotine, from that minimum every available unit can be added. All units after the guillotine are plug and play, meaning that de units are interchangeable and can be configured to your requirements. 
The bread line can be used to automatically produce a uniform dough sheet for hand-shaped products, resulting in all types of loaves and buns. Optional extensions ensure the production of products in different shapes and sizes; cut, moulded, and rounded. 
Working width: 400 or 800 mm 
Capacity: up to 1,200 kg dough per hour 
Circa 9,500 cut products on 4 rows per hour 

1. Sheeting 

The dough batch is processed into a continuous dough sheet while retaining the integrity of the dough structure. Thanks to the innovative Dynamic Pre sheeting System (DPS) the Radini production line is suitable for handling both firm and soft fermented dough. Processing dough with inclusions like fruit and nuts is possible as well.  

The dough is gently handled throughout the entire process, soft dough outfeed conveyors are deployed for stress fee transfers. The dough sheet is further reduced, and a consistent dough sheet is achieved. 

Production without rework?
Easily exchange the final sheeting rollers to match the required sheet width for your final product. By enclosing the dough sheet in combination with our smart controls, we create a sheet with a consistent volume. Allowing you to use up to 100% of the dough sheet. 

Ciabatta dough
Christmas bread dough
Focaccia dough with olives
Multigrain dough

2. Shaping and decorating 

After a uniform dough sheet is created, it is ready to be shaped in any form. By machine, by hand or a combination of both. Rework dough, if any, is removed. Dough lanes are spread, after which products can be stamped and cut with the use of the guillotine.  

Enabling endless possibilities to shape eye-catching and tasty loaves and buns. Based on the shaping methods we categorized: cutting and moulding. For more variation, and an even wider product range you can (partially) form the products manually to create your own designer products. Some examples of products: ciabatta, Turkish bread, focaccia, and omega baguette.


The dough sheet is spread into lanes and product shapes are cut. Various shapes are possible: round, square, elongated, oval, or pointy bread products; the traveling guillotine cuts the breads to a perfect shape. It is possible to cut your own specific bread shape as well.  

When producing omega baguettes, the dough lanes pass the guillotine where they are cut. The lanes are now interrupted; and consist of omega baguette shapes and the part in between. The parts in between the lanes are automatically rejected for rework dough. 

Besides strewing we offer the option to decorate your loaves and buns with the use of a decoration stamp mounted in the guillotine. For example, a ‘windmill shape’ which is used for the famous German ‘kaisers’, a swirl or even a football shape. Some examples of products: ciabatta, Turkish bread, focaccia, and omega baguette.


This units enables rolled bread production in various widths and heights: milk bread roll, petit pain, baguette, free standing loaves and so on. 

Since the unit is easy to adjust, there is no loss of valuable time during a product change over. This allows you to produce different products and change your range in line with customer demand and change of season. The moulding conveyor has a compact mobile frame which makes it easy disconnect and clean.  


Poppy- sunflower- or pumpkin seeds, to name a few. They give bread products extra flavour, and it looks tasteful. Add raisins or chocolate drops for the sweet tooth; with a minor adjustment, you are able to produce the most delicious variations. 

The Radini bread line allows you to add strewing material: 

• On the bottom of the dough sheet 

• On top of the dough sheet/product 

Our strewers make sure your seeds and sweet toppings are consistently applied on the dough sheet or dough product. Stewing units are quickly adjustable to suit different decoration materials. Both automated and manual strewing (and a combination) are possible. 

In the configuration above, manual actions can take place now. Think of twisting or braiding, use your creativity! Or have a look at our YouTube page for some inspiration. We challenge you to make various decorations after proofing the dough products as well

3. Tray loading 

For a seamless transition from production line to proofing, you can choose to add a tray loader at the end of your Radini. Dough products are then automaticly put on trays. The trays can be taken in and out by hand or with a rack (un)loader. Watch this video to see the process. Add the units later when required; we offer automation and flexibility to your needs. 

Added value

Radini bread line for full- or partly automated production of bread and buns

Gentle dough handling
Rework is a choice
Consistent and repeatable products
Modular configuration
Easy to operate

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