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Radini bread and buns


Freshly baked bread a ciabatta, batard, baguette, a twisted bread like a wurzelbrot, or a delicacy such
as a bread with pieces of tomato, olives etcetera incorporated to the dough.

Breads made from biologically produced ingredients, a bun for one person or a bread to share. Shaped and decorated by the Radini processing line or with an extra manual touch.

A multitude of options, Radini enables you to produce breads and buns from different dough with various preparation methods, think of:

  • Direct/green dough or pre-proofed dough.
  • Dough with a high-water percentage, for example focaccia or bread with fruits or nuts incorporated into the dough.
  • Sourdough, multigrain or rye dough.

Just some examples to give you an idea about the many possibilities.

Bread and buns

Small bread, buns and rolls until 100 or 200 gram or bread and loaves of a higher volume. Artisal style or breads with more uniformity and an exact weight. Cut or rolled products, decorated with seeds on the bottom and top, or manually shaped into a twist or braid. A small list of the many possibilities

  • A square multigrain bread with seeds on the bottom and top
  • A crispy elongated ciabatta
  • A soft oval Turkish bread
  • A pointy oval baguette to be filled with the most delicious toppings
  • An oval batard to share
  • A round rye bread with a beautiful structure
  • A Christmas bread filled with almond paste for the sweet tooth

Of course, there is much more to tell and to consider. For more information about the processes, check our Radini bread line equipment page. Have we piqued your interest? Get in touch with your regional sales office, call +31 (0)345 543 543 or send an e-mail to