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Rademaker and boulangerie team partner up

Rademaker is pleased to announce our partnership with the Boulangerie Team. Our common interest in high quality artisan bread is the origin of the co-operation.  

Het Boulangerie Team

The Boulangerie Team is the Dutch association for artisanal bread bakeries and they represent artisanal bakeries and artisan bread quality in the widest range as possible. One way of doing so is by participating in national and international bakery competitions. The Boulangerie Team develops product concepts in which taste, smell and shape are key. Their objective is to improve the image of craft and artisan bread products in the bakery industry, for educational institutes and for the bread consumers. Therefore, they are considered to be the knowledge- and innovation Centre of the Netherlands. The goal that Boulangerie Team is striving for is threefold;

1. Ensuring a positive experience for bread consumption

2. Take a leading role in the industry to ensure quality, shape, taste and innovation

3. Offer baker potentials the opportunity to gain themselves a place in the top of artisan bakery and at international competitions.

In addition, the management and team members of the team Boulangerie Team keep an honest and cooperative attitude to be seen as the most important association in the bakery industry.

Rademaker opens up the Rademaker Technology Centre for the Boulangerie Team and we will assist them to work on bakery innovations. Rademaker will also sponsor the Boulangerie Team during their participation in national and international bakery competitions.  Throughout our partnership, and with our combined strengths, we are aiming for a positive impact in the bakery industry.