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Are you interested in producing tasty pastries, croissants, bread or donuts? Then click on one of the buttons below. If you want more information on production methods, check out Radini's equipment page with capacities from 250 kg per hour.

bread and buns

Possibilities and capacities

The capacity of our production lines is determined by the working width and the number of product lanes and strongly depends on the product sizes, shapes and the product mix the line is designed for. We are able to configure our production lines to suit your ideal product mix due to its modular design. Please find an indicative hourly capacity range below:

Laminated dough
250 up to 1,000 kg dough

Circa 14,000 folded products on 5 rows

Circa 4,800 croissants on 2 rows 
Circa 7,200 croissants on 3 rows 
Circa 9,600 croissants on 4 rows

From 400 up to 1,200 kg dough
Circa 13,900 ring donuts
Circa 14,000 heart shaped deep-fried products

Bread and buns
From 250 up to 1,200 kg dough
Circa 9,500 cut products (ciabatta’s) on 4 rows

Special requirements

On our website, you will find only part of our offer. In case of questions or specific wishes such as gluten-free production, producing vegan pastries, or specific shapes. Feel free to contact us via

+31 (0)345 543 543 or

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