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For fluffy donuts with a soft bite

The Radini donut line is suitable to produce various shapes and sizes for the most delicious varieties of deep-fried products, for example: cinnamon rolls or ring donuts and many more custom designed shapes.

Your product specific recipe parameters will be saved in the operating panel, where after you can simply select the product that you want to produce. Automatic recipe driven in- and outfeed control synchronize the production line setting result in repeatable consistent dough- and product quality. Tools can be easily mounted and dismounted through a quick exchange setup, allowing for quick and easy product changeovers.

  • Working width: 800 mm
  • Capacity: up to 1,200 kg dough per hour
  • Circa 13,900 ring donuts per hour
  • Circa 14,000 heart shaped deep-fried products per hour



To maintain soft, fluffy dough, the dough is guided stress-free through the line. The first step is performed by the pre-sheeter, this unit ensures that the dough batch is transformed into a continuous dough sheet. After which the dough is gently shaped to its required thickness. Outfeed conveyors ensure a tension-free transfer resulting in accurate control of the product shape.

2. Make up

After the sheet has its desired thickness it is ready for shaping. Shaping happens with the help of the required tooling, ring donuts are cut while cinnamon rolls are rolled.

Various shapes and sizes can be produced on the same production line by simply adapting tooling. Your staff can easily mount and dismounted the tooling because they are lightweight and ergonomically designed.


3. Spreading and further processing

After the shapes have been cut, the rework dough is removed. Ready to be used in the next dough batch.

It is possible to manually shape products, as an example the products can be manually folded into a knot. If required, additional working space can be created. The products are supported and spread to the right pitch, by means of a highly reliable and durable conveyer. The perfectly shaped products are now ready for proofing.

Possible product shapes:

  • Ring donuts
  • Square donuts
  • Snowflake clusters
  • Long John’s
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • And many more custom designed shapes!

Added value

Radini donut line designed for gentle dough processing on a semi-industrial scale

Easy to operate
Consistent product quality
Intuitive controls
Variety of perfectly shaped products
Quick and easy change-over

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