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RADILINQ LINE CONCEPT: Toast & sandwich bread

The Radilinq line concept to produce sandwich bread & toast is an off-the-shelve proven concept. It can also serve as a starting point for the design of a tailor-made line configuration for each individual bakery. Changes in the standard line concept (major or minor) are made in order to suit the wishes and demands of each bakery and each production location. A Radilinq line includes state-of-the-art line controls and a simple & logic HMI for all kinds of operators to work safely and efficiently with the line.

The Radilinq line concept for tin-bread & toast is based on the automatic movement of pan-straps through the following steps:

Dough depositing.
The conveyor underneath the moulder interacts with the dough make-up equipment to ensure a correct positioning of the dough piece in the pans.

Final proofing.
The pan-straps are transported in the required time through a space with controlled humidity & temperature. The standard line concept uses a race-track style proofer although a step-style proofers can also be used.

A dedicated part of the conveyor system for depositors, strewers, seeders and other types of decoration systems which includes ingredient recovery & return systems.

For toast bread is mostly done after final proofing (as in the standard line concept). However, it is also possible to have the lidder before the final proofer.

Oven loading.

Providing the belt-oven with the right quantity of pan-straps in the right configuration.

Oven unloading.
Taking the baked breads in the pan-straps timely from the oven belt to ensure an uninterrupted baking process. An emergency exit for pan-straps is part of the line concept.

In case of toast bread. The delidding function is often combined with the depanning function but can also be made separate.


Removing the freshly baked breads from the pan-straps to ensure a quality loaf. A needle depanner is the standard line concept option although vacuum depanning is also used.

Bread cooler.
Loaves of bread are cooled to allow correct slicing and/or packaging. The standard line concept uses a race-track style cooler although a step-style coolers can also be used.

Bread conveyors.
Hygienic design and a wide range of possible belt types make these conveyors suitable for tin-bread & toast.

Dry cleaning.
Brushing, blowing & turning (or a combination thereof) integrated into 1 dedicated machine.

Pan-strap cooler.
To lower the temperature of the pan-straps before a new dough piece is placed in the pans.

Pan-strap & lid conveyors.
All the above functions are connected by RadiLinQ heavy-duty conveyors in stainless steel. The conveyors are equipped with a range of belt types to best suit the pan-straps & lids.

Pan-strap storage.
This can be done manually or automated. Manual take-in and take-out of pan-straps is facilitated by designated conveyors and easy access. Automated take-in and take-out of pan-straps is done through a robot system completely integrated in the line controls


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