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✓ Reduce downtime   ✓ Optimize line efficiency   ✓ Efficient cleaning and maintenance

With a puff pastry production line from Rademaker, the process of obtaining dough pieces from puff pastry will be automated. Puff pastry is a good method for both a daily fresh product as well as a long shelf life products; for example long shelf life cookies. Discover our Pastry Make-up line!


Puff pastry is a traditionally popular delicacy. Who does not love a good apple pocket, sausage bread, vol-au-vent or palmier? Puff pastry is a flaky, light and airy pastry with several layers of dough and fat, like butter and margarine. With our puff pastry production line it is possible to give puff pastry the open, airy and crispy structure that it is known for.

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