Rademaker collboration with the women's bakery

Rademaker BV is deligted to announce its new partnership with the social enterprise The Women's Bakery, based in Rwanda, Africa. The foundation of this partnership is to improve process and product quality with the utlimtate goal to help local people by providing affordable, quality products.

The Women's Bakery

The Women’s Bakery educates women and builds bakeries in East Africa. By providing comprehensive business education and vocational training, The Women’s Bakery helps women launch and profitably manage bakeries. Bakeries are built in the women's communities, meeting local demand with local supply, and all ingredients are sourced from their communities. The bread produced by these women is highly nutritious and affordable, granting community members access to inexpensive, healthy food. As a result, The Women's Bakery successfully alleviates poverty and hunger in Rwanda and Tanzania.  

Corporate Responsiblity

At Rademaker, we believe it is important to address food security, nutrition and economic empowerment as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The Women's Bakery work directly aligns with these goals and allows us to do more than simply provide financial support. It gives us an opportunity to contribute our expertise and knowledge to increase their positive impact. Rademaker’s expertise lies in improving processes and efficiently scaling up production in bakery businesses. Rademaker helps The Women's Bakery to professionalize their operations and expand their teaching facilities. As a result, bakeries become independent more quickly and more women can be taught to start running their own bakeries. This strong collaboration allows us to reach our ambitious goal to provide nutrient rich, affordable food to the most vulnerable people in society. 

Rademaker looks forward to a strong partnership with The Women’s Bakery. If you want to know more about The Women's Bakery visit their website: www.womensbakery.com.

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