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Rademaker's interview with The Women’s Bakery at IBA 2023

During IBA 2023, Joris Mulders, Sales Director UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand at Rademaker had a conversation with Pauline Kariuki, the Director of Operations at The Women’s Bakery. They discussed the latest developments at The Women's Bakery.

Six years of partnership

For the past six years, Rademaker has actively supported The Women’s Bakery, by professionalizing bakery operations, improving product quality, and financial support to make essential investments. This collaboration has led to formative changes like refining the model and a clear path toward sustainability as one of the goals, as well as transformative changes such as equipment upgrades.

100-Fold growth

Thanks to staff training and the acquisition of professional bakery equipment in 2022, The Women’s Bakery achieved a remarkable 100-fold growth: "With the upgrade of our equipment also comes the growth in terms of production and sales. So we have continued to develop. I think we have started with about 200 units a day, and now we are selling about 100 times that. So we produce 20,000 units a day right now."

Social Impact

By sponsoring The Women’s Bakery, we enable them to continue their vital work. Empowering women in South Africa is significant result of our cooperation The Women’s Bakery itself: "Not to mention our social impact programs, where we train women in financial literacy, health, and other areas, giving them confidence and economic empowerment to make decisions in their homes."