Consultancy by the Rademaker Academy

Technology know-how is one of the key items that is required when a production line is installed and the production process starts. More specifically the detailed know-how on sheeting processes, production line operation and dough processing is often lacking. This lack of know-how often results in problems affecting the overall cost and time to market. But also raw material suppliers who see the traditional bakery industry shift more and more towards sheeting technology require more knowledge. This is why we started the Rademaker Academy, to preserve and share the bakery knowledge through education and training.

Which items do we offer in this extensive training?

• 'The Sheeting technology basics' - to educuate and train bakers and operators with the basics of Sheeting technology and our machiner

• 'Rademaker machinery' - ensure that your Rademaker production line runs as efficient as possible. Traning includes operation, fine-tuning and cleaning.

• 'Product development'

Classroom training as well as practical education can be given in the Rademaker Technology Centre as well as at the customer location.

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities