Box motion cutter

The Box Motion Cutter (BMC) is Rademaker’s newest versatile cutting unit for bread lines and make up lines. The unit is designed for flexible cutting of a wide range of products such as soft pre-proofed bread baguettes, squares triangles, etc. New features of the BMC are the possibility to cut directly on a cutting table and on a belt transfer. Cutting on a cutting table with both straight knives, punching tools, and cutting on the belt transfer with straight knives. When cutting on the belt transfer where the out feed belt has a slightly higher speed than the cutting belt it is possible to make a small separation between the cut products to prevent them from sticking together again. The BMC is capable of cutting products with or without sealing time. With sealing time, a better shape and position tolerance of the product on the line is achieved and the baking “lift” of the product shape is enhanced because of the perfect sealing. Furthermore, for soft dough, the sticky interior of the dough is better encapsulated and pollution of the line due to sticky cut edges is prevented. This method is especially suitable for cut baguettes, ciabatta’s, paves etc.

One highly valued benefit that we have managed to achieve with the BMC is the ease of tool changeover. One person can remove the different cutting tools through the side of the machine without the use of a crane or tools. A time and money saving solution.

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