compact tray loading system

Loading products manually on baking trays is a labor- and consequently cost intensive operation. The Rademaker Compact Tray Loading system (working width 800mm) deals with this task. It is designed for a one-man operation but it can also be integrated in a fully automatic production line. Essential parts can be manually removed easily without using tools. This allows easy access during cleaning & maintenance actions. Flexibility is key.

The Compact Tray Loading system can be used as an integrated unit in combination with the Rademaker Bread line and the Rademaker Pastry Make-up line. The unit can also run stand-alone or in a third party environment. Loading of trays can be done automatically or manual in various different directions. Furthermore, the user interface can be mounted either on the left or right side of the system. Moreover, the system operation is based on a user-friendly touch screen with storage capability up to 15 recipes. This allows for easy programming and fast product change without risk for error. The unit is designed according to the Rademaker Sigma design guidelines. Essential parts can be easily, manually removed without the need for tools. This enables easy access during cleaning and maintenance actions.

compact tray loading system

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