The Rademaker industrial Bread production line is designed for medium to large scale industrial bread manufacturers to produce a wide range of products. From tin breads to high water absorption artisan breads and from pre-fermented to 'green' doughs. Flexibility and fast production changeovers are guaranteed due to the unique modular design and the various mobile units. Compared to dedicated industrial bread lines this results in a shorter Return On Investment, that makes the Bread production line the most desired industrial Bread production line of the world.

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  • Ensuring the highest product quality due to unique Low Stress feeding and make-up sections
  • Excellent weight control
  • Designed according tot he highest hygiene levels
  • Absolute minimum usage of flower
  • User-friendly PLC line control with recipe managment and automatic speed & height adjustment


Versatility is key in the Rademaker industrial Bread production line. Thanks to the modular set-up, this flexible production line allows you to produce a wide range of breads by simply exchanging one or more modules.

A good recipe is the very basis of your bread quality. As it is our quest to produce a wide variety of high quality breads, the industrial Bread production line is capable of handling a large variety of recipes, including those for breads with a high water % (strongly hydrated) or low salt content, with bio ingredients, or gluten free, pre-fermented, levain, mother dough, biga and sponge dough. All these recipes result in a very wide range of bread products. If you want to produce tin breads we focus on achieving a fine and consistent crumb structure, as with the high-water absorption artisan breads we focus on obtaining a light, authentic and open bread structure. Whatever bread product you desire  to produce, dough processing holds no secrets to us. 

While the industrial Bread production line is developed to produce an extensive and international assortment of breads, we can take the extra step and apply one of the major strengths of Rademaker, namely developing customized modules tailored to your specific needs.

Interested in our industrial Bread production line? Contact our sales team: +31 (0)345 543 543.

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