We are specialists in sheeting technology. We have chosen the sheeting technology above the traditional system because sheeting provides some important benefits. Sheeting makes it possible to handle a great variety of dough types, from ‘green’ to pre-fermented dough, all at high capacities. By using stress-free dough sheeters and laminating technology, you can achieve basically any dough and bread structure desired. Our industrial Bread line concept allows you to combine traditional bread types with artisan bread types, all produced on one sheeting system.

Dough can be guided through the Bread line directly or after a long rest time without adding stress into the dough. The dough structure remains undamaged and with this, the dough development is retained. Due to better fermentation stability, homogeneous cell structure, and the variable dough sheet width, the optional Inline Lamination Station offers clear advantages for quality – also for highly hydrated doughs!

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