Wide product assortment at significant capacities

With our industrial Bread line, you are able to produce an extensive and international bread assortment at industrial scale as well as midrange level production systems. Whatever bread product you need, the Bread line can make it. The line consists of a number of innovative and versatile modules on wheels that can easily be positioned in any required line order. This flexibility is key when it comes to configuring your application and managing production efficiency. When you choose for the Rademaker Bread line, we will provide you with the best solution for your situation, even if this means developing a customer-specific module.

What kind of bread products can be made on the Rademaker Bread production line?

Toast bread - Petit pain - Baguette (cut or rolled) - Pointed baguette - Baguette au kilometre (cut or rolled) - Soft sandwich baguette - Rounded bread - Focaccia - Pave - Free standing bread - Ciabatta - Gluten-free - Duo color bread - Pao Frances - Rolled breads - Sweet fingers / Milchbrotchen - and many, many more!

Overview of the most important bread shaping methods:

Cut breads

After sheeting, the dough is shaped in rows by rotating knives or guillotine. The result is a wide variety of breads, that include; ciabatta, triangles, square buns, hexagonal, cut baguettes, cut petit pain and bara rustika, flatbreads, pita and pizza.

Rolled breads

After sheeting, the dough is cut using the guillotine. Next, Rademaker's moulding technology is applied to roll and shape the dough. Rolled baguettes, rolled petit pain and bara rustika, free standing bread, tin bread, toast bread (open & closed top, 4 pieces), brioche and rolls are te result of this method.

Rounded breads

After sheeting, the dough is cut and rounded using the Rademaker rounding unit, resulting in traditional breads such as boule, rolls, ssandwich rolls and hamburger buns.

Tin breads

Cut and rolled dough pieces can be placed into baking tins. The final products of this process include tin bread and toast bread (open top, closed top, 4 pieces and multi-pieces) and typical English sandwich bread.

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