donut production line

The Rademaker Donut line offers you the opportunity to produce a wide range of Donuts; Round rings, Hexagonal rings, Long Johns, Bismarcks, or Cluster products. New rotary cutters can be supplied to produce Hearts, Ghosts and Candy Canes.

With additional tooling the line can produce an array of coiled products such as Coffee Rolls, Persians, Fritters and Honey Buns. 


• Low stress technology 

• Product flexibility 

• Quick Changeover times 

• Product shape control 

• Robust design of the equipment 

•  Ease of sanitation 

•  Operator friendliness

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The Rademaker Donut line consists out of a low stress sheeting line and a make-up table. Dough chunks from the incline conveyor are received by Low Stress Sheeter (LSS) hopper. The LSS will gently knead these chunks into a continuous stress-free dough sheet.

After the dough sheet is reduced to its final thickness, it is directly transferred onto the make-up table, which is the outfeed conveyor of the final reducing station. The cutting roller will be used to cut the various donut products. The hole picker is used to remove the center out of the dough rings, the rework dough for the rings is sent to the side of the line in collection bins.

If necessary, Rademaker can provide the complete system Integration part for you – mixing through packaging. 

Specifications: Dough sheet: 600 mm (width), Dough capacity: 450-750 kg/hour.

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