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Radini is the solution for the artisanal baker making their first step into automation,  or for industrial bakeries that desire a smaller, flexible production line respecting their industrial production values.

Radini offers outstanding solutions with regards to flexible and high-quality dough processing equipment, where ease of operating is key. Rademaker’s proven techniques and technologies are the basis of a large variety of pre-defined Radini production line configurations. The production lines are capable of processing up to 1,000 kg of dough per hour.

From single layer to laminated dough sheets, yeast to puff doughs, the possibilities of processing various doughs are extensive. It is possible to process different dough types on the same production line. For shaping the dough, different tooling is offered. By simply adding a tool, a baker can easily expand their product range. Radini offers bakeries the possibility to automate the production process fully or partially, in one go or step by step. Automated process functions can be combined with manual process steps, e.g., fat application, offline resting and cooling, (rework) dough feeding, as well as partial or full forming of products.







Radini is developed after intense testing. A process in which Rademaker specialists and technologists closely worked with customers. The result is an efficient, compact, and flexible production line which contains industrial values but is suitable for lower production capacities. But what do bakeries have to say about their Radini production line?

Barbarossa Bakery

Barbarossa, a German company with a passion for enjoyable baked goods, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The company sums up its baking philosophy in the word "pure", which means that all products - from the dough to the end product - are made in its own bakery. Our own recipes and regional ingredients are used for the composition of the dough. Quality comes first; so that we create little works of art every day with the craftsmanship of our skilled workers.

"Baking is our passion. Our bakers create unique every day, individual baked goods every day. Genuine craftsmanship stands for high-quality products. Technical aids are only used where they do not harm the quality of the baked goods."

With a view to the company's future goals, Barbarossa has defined a number of focal points. These included smooth production processes and efficiency improvements through a combination of automation and skilled personnel. Most important was to maintain and improve the quality of the products and thus their original character. Of course, the change that a different way of working would bring raised questions.

"Does this way of processing/making dough change the taste and appearance of our products, which are so important to us? How long is the set-up time when changing products/how long are the changeover times?"

To answer these questions, Barbarossa's experts visited the Rademaker Technology Centre (RTC), where a Radini laminating machine and a pastry line are available for demonstrations and customer tests. The Technology Centre is staffed by experienced bakers and dough technologists who work together with the customer to produce the desired end product. With the trials, we demonstrate different production possibilities.

After a carefully conducted decision-making process, Barbarossa opted for a Radini laminator in an L configuration. The decisive factors in this decision were the high quality standards in machine construction and the strong focus on the quality of the baked goods.

About a year after commissioning, Barbarossa is more than satisfied with Radini's production line. Every day, the bakery in Kaiserslautern produces the most delicious sweet and savoury delicacies from Danish pastry, puff pastry and yeast dough. From Striezel to Nuplu - a speciality developed by the bakery itself - distinctive baked goods are produced. Production is semi-automatic, with Barbarossa's skilled staff performing manual tasks such as twisting the dough.

"The system works very gently on the dough, which we couldn't believe at first but the result has become much better than before."

The very high and consistent product quality that the Radini pastry line delivers corresponds exactly to Barbarossa's high-quality requirements. Another advantage is that less rework dough is produced during the dough-forming process. Barbarossa also states that the added value lies in improved ergonomics, a clean and quiet production line, machines that are quicker and more thorough to clean and, ultimately, more satisfied employees. An optimal production flow ensures a quick return on investment.

During the sales process, Rademaker's customer-oriented and flexible attitude was greatly appreciated. The service was experienced as fast, reliable and polite.

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