Hassle-free handling of customer requests during Covid-19

It has been a while since the Covid-19 outbreak. During the pandemic Rademaker has taken developments very seriously to ensure the safety and well-being of both our employees and customers.


We felt the need to remotely support our customers, while still maintaining our high service and quality standards. Whenever possible, we provided assistance and/or instructions by telephone, email, online access or a live stream support based on augmented reality.

With the augmented reality technology production lines can be brought into operation without the need of our mechanics to be physically present at customers’ sites. It can also be used in case a malfunction arises and immediate support from us is needed.

Our service mechanics have a live view of the situation from a smart phone or tablet. They point out what needs to be done and give live instructions, which are immediately displayed at the customer’s device. It is indicated on-screen which measures to adopt during maintenance or troubleshooting, so it is clear what needs to be done. 

During these operations, our service mechanics overlook the live process to make sure everything is successfully finished. And the best thing about all this? It is quick and we offer this service free of charge to our customers. 

In urgent cases that could be only solved on-site, Rademaker was able to react with local service teams and technicians, without violating travel restrictions.

Bringing improvements

This hybrid approach was also carried out in the Rademaker Technology Centre and Rademaker Academy. The regulations did not stop us from bringing improvements and sharing our knowledge.

Demos and tests were pursued in two ways, depending on the circumstances. When live interaction was possible, we took all safety precautions into account, such as wearing face masks and keeping at least 6 feet of distance (approximately 1,5 meter). In most cases, however, interaction would take place online, through live video connection and extensive video reporting.

The Rademaker Academy knows no limits either. We have been offering various online training modules with regard to maximizing the profitability of our production lines.

Continuing our commitment towards customers

Although we were faced with great challenges, the circumstances have not affected our service nor commitment towards customers. It goes without saying that we hope to be physically present at international trade fairs to meet our clients in person again. And to visit them on-site or in our offices all over the world. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us. We like to support your production process in any possible way.