Bread from the old days, real bread, traditional bread, bread free from additives, Back to Basics, the Love for bread. These are Marketing slogans customers use to challenge the Rademaker RTC (Rademaker Technology Centre) every day. Every baker is unique, everyone is looking for distinctive quality to have consumers enjoy healthy, proper, and honest bread.

We see that the bread industry is moving strongly towards long process times, where not the ingredients dominate but the process itself becomes much more important. By extending resting and proofing times in combination with low temperatures, a complex character is added to the bread. Proofing temperatures, from cold to hot or from hot to cold, also have a large impact on the crust and eating properties of the bread. We see that processing time, from dough to final product, can vary from two to three days. In addition to the longer process times, we see a rise in the addition of water to the dough. Higher water percentage in the dough has an enormous influence on the bread’s structure, tenderness and eating characteristics. Water percentage of 85% to 90% are not unusual and with the Double Chunker Stress Free System (DSS) we are perfectly capable to handle these dough types. Rademaker also sees a worldwide growth in the use of sour doughs, both with solid and liquid structure. Sour dough gives the bread its own unique identity. A trend that we recently see in using sour dough is the use of cuvee. Here several sour dough types are blended together to create a new taste. That means that different sour doughs are added to a dough.

Process changes

Due to the change in the process, we see that the use of additives is often no longer necessary. It meets the requirement for a clean label, i.e. actually only flour, water, salt and yeast are used for making good and honest bread.