Proofing of pizza dough

Rademaker is able to produce and place a proofer before or into the Pizza Base line. It can be placed as pre-proofer or inline into the sheeting line. It is designed to proof continuous dough sheets prior to the product stamping and/or cutting, but it can also proof individual dough products. Together with you we can determine what solution is best for your process and product.


Why Proofing for pizza dough

When proofing technology is applied to the pizza dough, it creates several benefits. Proofing enables relaxation of the dough. Therefore a better quality of dough and open dough stucture can be obtained. This is especially important when you want to create a pizza with artisan rim. Besides structure improvement, proofing also leads into a better taste developmen. A pizza will taste even better after the dough has undergone proofing technology.